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Stavros Dokopoulos 
President of Elcoex 

Dimitroula Ioannou 
Operations Manager

Our Services for International Customers

  • Supply high-reliability, high-quality space-qualified and high reliability ICs and hybrids.
  • Develop high performance Rad-Hard and high reliability analog functions built to MIL-PRF-38534 or MIL-PRF-38535 standards.
  • Develop optimal compliant export strategies and ship product with minimal export control burden and liability to you.
  • Provide swift and optimal export licensing to minimize shipment delays.
  • Export microelectronics including services and documents to you, your contract manufacturer, purchasing agent, CPPA, etc.
  • Perform source and document inspection prior to export.
  • Educate importers and customers on handling of products and documents.
  • Guarantee original OEM product sourced only from franchised channels or directly from the manufacturer.